The Writer’s Block

For the moment, I’m moving in. Cleaning, painting, smells of paints, the sound I hate, the hammer drill’s on Sunday morning! Therefore about Traces, better to come back another time! There will be Traces, very soon, patience! But for a while, that’s « Man at work! ». For instance, I don’t know yet if that blog will be in French, in English, or both… And that f****n header… I still haven’t understood how to edit mine, a header belonging to ME! Personally! Done with my own hands, in HTML! What!!! One must pay for it? Really? OMG!!!
Then for the moment I mark my territory, may I piss on my territory in peace, please? BTW, it reminds me something…


~ par Dan Dx sur juillet 3, 2007.

Une Réponse to “The Writer’s Block”

  1. Merci, Dan DX pour le lien! Je mets a jour ma liste egalement.

    Hopefully, I will be able to post more interesting things soon.

    Hugs and stuff,


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